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Queen rearing and mating always keeps the beekeeper busy so towards the end of the season we much too often found that a number of APIDEAS were lost because other important activities like Varroa treatment and winter feeding led to a complete neglect of these brave little colonies. The method shown above was applied in late August and a strong 6-frame nucleus could be build up in September / October feeding 8 lit. of syrup. The bees overwintered with a second  6-frame box on top!

Artificial Apidea Honey Bee Swarm on Swarm Attractor Board


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Mating hives taken away, bees  joining  queen in cage on  black felt strip!


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If you are an experienced beekeeper, why not make use of our monthly grafting day!
May / June / July
You can bring your queen-cups and receive or transfer yourself larvae from our
best Buckfast breeder queens.

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for sale

1.5 kg of bees with mated and marked queen in introduction cage

Available last week of May or first week of June

To be collected at Shanvaus Apiary Manorhamilton County Leitrim

Artificial swarms in fully ventilated transport boxes


for full details send email to

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