Varroa Monitoring in Ireland

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Mesh Floor Myth

In infested colonies, 39-50% of the mites which fall naturally from bees are alive and mobile and capable of re- infesting the colony.
This screen floor... prevents mites from returning to the hive... thus preventing re-infestation.
Dr. M.F. Coffey, Parasites of the Honeybee, Publ. of Department of Agriculture,
Oak Park, Carlow, 2007

Varroa mesh floor - full hard plastic - injection moulded!

The most frequently advanced reasons for the use of open mesh floors are in connection with varroa control. Use of an OMF reduces the mite population by about 20% - live mites fall through the mesh and cannot get back into the hive again. Such mites die prematurely and do not complete their full potential of breeding cycles - this is what produces the 20% population reduction

M.W.Shaw, The Irish Beekeeper, 07/08 2008

                                             “Wishful thinking”: from 1999 on you could find messages on discussion lists in the Internet reporting findings from modest 5% of mites up to sensational  60% of mites dropping down!

Mesh Floor Facts!

Varroa mesh floor - made from Leitrim Cedar and   extremely  strong woven blue plastic mesh!

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