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Your participation in the 2013 beekeeping course can already start here. Many instructions on practical manipulations of colonies of bees start with the words:
‘Find the queen...’

Take a close look at the queen bee in the picture. She is the individual you will have to find on a comb covered with thousands of bees!

Queen bee after marking - (we do not clip wings!)

If you still want to become a beekeeper:Click the queen to continue

Please, read text below first!

After a very successful first run in 2008 and follow-ups in 2009/2010/2011 and 2012 Shanvaus Apiary is delighted to be able to announce a new beekeeping course commencing in April 2013.

April is the time when Irish bees get active again after the quiet winter months, facilitating a hands-on approach right from the start. The course comprises of at least ten sessions, designed in order to cover the practical and theoretical aspects of the craft.

For many years we have sold bees to newcomers in the area of beekeeping, only to hear that their bees were dead in spring or we were rang or visited frequently with the hope to receive an ad hoc diagnosis of their specific problem. In most cases it resulted in us checking their hives in the peak of the season during a time urgently needed for the management of our own apiaries.

We are now convinced that a beginner should always start with a small unit in order to get slowly used to his/her new pets and participate in a full training
with at least the most important aspects covered.

At Shanvaus Apiary each participant is provided with a small colony of bees including a virgin queen, and can watch the development of the unit from the first eggs being laid to the transformation into a mature colony during the season. All operations necessary will be performed with their own bees or practised at our hives. The bees and the first little box are included in the fee.

We breed our own gentle strain of bees, ideally suited for the beginner.

The groups will be small and consist of a maximum of eight participants. Anybody interested will be added to a list and parallel courses established if necessary. Children from the age of twelve years on are welcome.

You may get your course partly or fully sponsored by a partnership or similar body if you are entitled.

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